Hi! I'm Krystal.

Owner, and creative behind Invited Event Planning. I love the Lord and have been saved by some serious grace. On my days off you can find me admiring mother nature when hiking with my hubs and lil boy - or delivering used wedding flowers to local hospice patients.

What "Sparks Joy" in my life is watching others laugh, and enjoy themselves - it really makes my heart happy 🙂 I am inspired by life stories, especially ones about love and growing life - which is why  I LOVE wedding and event planning. My favorite part about planning is watching all of the hard work, ideas, and design come to fruition.

Krystal is hands-down amazing. She means business and she wants you to have your dream wedding, no matter how obscure your vision is. I thought I could handle it on my own.. Ha! There was no way my wedding would have turned out the way it did if it weren't for Krystal and her team.

-Hannah Wickstrum, Malibu, CA

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